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<p>A large number of citizens were displaced to places south of the Gaza Strip. They were targeted by Israeli airstrikes. / <strong>Mohammed Zannoun</strong></p>

Chronicles from hell

A Second Nakba: Echoes of the 1948 Exodus

Mahmoud Mushtaha

<p>Aerial shot of the crew catching fish (January 2019, Antarctica).</p>

English version

China’s global fishing dominance

Subsidies have grown the Chinese fishing fleet into a global force of unprecedented size and geographic reach. This situation has led to international conflicts

Ian Urbina

<p>Greg Grandin.</p>


“Trumpism is what happens when Empire Ends”

A. G. B. / I. G. S. / H. M. · N. Y.

Rokhaya Diallo / Journalist and film director

“The media sometimes obscures voices that are fundamental to change”

A. O.

EMILIA ROIG / Director of the Center for Intersectional Justice

“Anti-discrimination work without intersectionality is bound to fail in the long run”

A. O.

<p>Paulina Tcherneva.</p>


“UBI would eventually replace many other welfare programs”

Andrés Villena · Madrid

<p>Larry Cohen.</p>

Larry Cohen - Board Chair - ‘Our Revolution’

"We will push for massive resistance against any kind of social cuts"

Álvaro Guzmán Bastida

Debate / Fuck work

Response to Scott Ferguson

James Livingston

<p>Nancy Fraser</p>

Nancy Fraser / Feminist Intelectual

"Clinton embodies a neoliberal kind of feminism which mostly benefits privileged women"

Álvaro Guzmán Bastida

<p>Owen Jones vendiendo ejemplares del semanario 'Big Issue' en Covent Garden, en febrero de 2016.</p>

Owen Jones / columnist and author

"We’re living through a light version of the 1930’s”

Asier Ezezaguna - Lisboa

<p>Larry Siems.</p>

LARRY SIEMS/ EDITOR OF 'Guantanamo Diary'

"Torture dehumanizes both the torturer and the tortured"

Álvaro Guzmán Bastida

Owen Jones, in London, short after the interview. 


"The privatization of the public sector threatens democracy"

Arturo Noain

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